Publication Policy

The Journal of Economics and Financial Researches aims to create an environment where scientific research of academics in this field can be delivered to the relevant parties.

Only studies in the fields of economy and finance are published in the Journal of Economics and Financial Researches.

The Journal is published online twice a year, in June and in December.

Articles written in Turkish and English are published in the Journal.

Articles that will be sent to the Journal should not have been published or sent for publication anywhere before.

Articles submitted to the Journal must comply with the spelling rules.

Plagiarism checking is performed for the articles submitted to the journal and articles with a similarity rate of 20% or more are rejected.

The editorial evaluation period of an article submitted to the journal is 5 days, and the period for referee evaluation is 1 month.

In the article evaluation process, the blind review system is used and the referees and author (s) can not have information about each other’s identities.

Articles that comply with our editorial policy, rules of writing and ethics are sent to two referees for evaluation.

At the end of the referee evaluation process, articles that are approved by both referees can be accepted for publication.

If one of the referees rejects the article, the article is sent to a third referee. Accepting or rejecting the article is decided upon the opinion of the third referee.

Research and publication ethics must be adhered to in the articles submitted to the journal. In the text of the article, it should be stated whether the ethics of research and publication are complied with and whether the permission of the ethics committee and / or legal / special consent is required.

In articles that require approval of the ethics committee, information about the consent (name of the board, date and number) should be included both in the section of methodology and on the first / last page of the article.

Documents listed below should be submitted along with the article file:

* The Copyright Transfer Form,

* Ethics committee consent document (if committee consent is required),

* Declaration form (for the publications that do not require the ethics committee consent).

Researchers are required to submit the contribution rate statement and the conflict of interest declaration forms, and also indicate this issue in the study as included in the sample article template.

All the legal responsibility for the articles sent to and published in the Journal reside with the authors.

All publication rights of the articles published in the journal belong to the Journal of Economics and Financial Researches.  No fees are charged to authors and no royalties are paid to authors.

Our journal follows an open access policy.

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